• The goods are finally in! My professors posted our official itinerary for our study abroad trip to Greece. I was so excited to see how many experiences they were able to fit into a weeks time. As I said in my previous post, “Countdown to Greece Begins!”, our days will be extremely structured. We will be on a tight schedule with little downtime. Don’t fret, the professors did guarantee a time for designated souvenir shopping. Not that I will have any room in my carry on to bring anything extra back!

Day One

We will arrive in Athens and the first thing on the itinerary is a “meet & greet”. This is designed for us to get to know the other students. When we had the initial orientation, I took down everyone’s numbers and started a group on WhatsApp. I figured some of us would be nervous enough as it is so why not get to know each other ahead of time? We are all very acquainted with each other and I know that will make the trip even better! Since we have that out of the way, we can jump right into the good stuff. We are flying into Athens and will stay overnight. I believe we will get a chance to view the Parthenon that night.

Day Two

No time to waste, we are going to hit the ground running! Day two will include a full day Athens city tour. We’ll have lunch and dinner in the city and stay overnight as well. Main sites for this day will include Acropolis where we will see the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the Athenian Agora.

So I’ve mentioned before that all of the students were assigned a site report. This means we have to research one of the locations we will visit and essentially teach the rest of the group about what we learned.

My assigned topic was the temple of Olympian Zeus and Roman Athens. I mainly picked it because it was the first one up and I want to get it out of the way ASAP. Besides that though, it was a really intriguing topic. I am the queen of procrastination so naturally, I just finished this at 4 AM the day I fly out. And rather than get some sleep, here I am at 5:30 AM writing a blog post.

temple of olympian zeus

Day Three

We are starting the day off in Athens. The main thing for day three will include visiting the Corinth Canal and the Theater of Epidaurus. After that, we are traveling to Nafplion where we will do a walking tour of the city, a fortress visit, and crash there for the night.

Day Four

We’ll be spending our day in Mycenae and hitting some historic sights and museums.

After that, we’re tackling Olympia and staying overnight. I’m really looking forward to Olympia!

Day Five

Obviously, one day will not be enough time spent in Olympia so it’s carrying over to day five. There’s a really amazing museum there that I can’t wait to see! Then we’re hitting Delphi and winding down for the night there.


Day Six

Day six starts in Delphi and ends in Kalambaka with some touring and museums in between. Maybe we’ll find some time for shopping or a beach detour this day! *Fingers crossed*

Day Seven

We are going to the Meteroa Monasteries which will be beautiful beyond explanation. The monastery is on top of a mountain and I am so looking forward to this! Not that there is a single thing I’m not looking forward to. Also, it’s very important to dress respectfully when visiting. Then we’ll head back to Athens and finish off with the National Museum in the city.


Day Eight

Oh man, the final stretch! Once it gets to this point, I know I’ll be devastated. Maybe I’ll fall in love with the man of my dreams and never come home from Greece. Or more realistically, maybe I won’t and I’ll fly out Athens on day eight with everyone else. Doesn’t hurt to dream!